Lapland Robotics workshop @ MuC 2022

25 May 2022|

The project is participating in organizing a workshop on User Experience and Social Interaction with Robots at the Mensch und Computer 2022 Conference in Germany. You can take look at the submission instructions and programme [...]

Robot Workshop @ ADW 2022

4 April 2022|

We held a co-design workshop during the Arctic Design week. The topics included how could a social robot be personified in the context of remote office work or an home assistant robot.

Lapland Robotics visited PXL in Hasselt

28 March 2022|

Lapland Robotics team of Lapland University of Applied Sciences visited PXL University of Applied Sciences in Hasselt. Hasselt is a great city, PXL has a great campus area with great facilities and the staff is [...]

Survey about robotics

4 March 2022|

Have you ever wished for a robot which could perform certain tasks for you? We are interested in your thoughts! Please, answer our robotics-themed survey, which can be found in Finnish and English. By answering [...]

WIRMA project in collaboration with Lapland Robotics

8 December 2021|

Arctic Design Project 2021: WIRMA is a design concept made in collaboration with the Lapland Robotics -laboratory! The exhibition presents the concept of an autonomous road maintenance robot for all seasons. The project has [...]