Survey about Robotics to companies in Lapland

25 August 2021|

We are trying to chart the current usage and future needs related to robotics in companies in the Lapland region. We invite you to participate in this short questionnaire, if your company has or will [...]

Robotics Workshops in May

1 June 2021|

We had two hands-on workshops at Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The topics for the first workshop were ROS, Jetson Nano, Zed 2 camera and RPLIDAR, which were taught by Petri Hannula. We also saw [...]

Workshops in May

14 May 2021|

Lapland Robotics will organize workshops in the end of May. For more information contact Tommi Kokko.  

Robottilaboratorion rakentaminen alkaa

12 February 2021|

Proof-of-Concept-laboratoriotilan rakentaminen aloitetaan 15.2 ja tilan on tarkoitus valmistua käyttöön huhtikuun loppuun mennessä. Laboratoriotila on suunniteltu Lapland Robotics hankkeessa ja tarvittavat verkkolaitteet laboratoriotilaan on hankittu 360 Low Carbon Investments hankkeen kautta. Laboratoriota käytetään Proof-of-Concept (POC) [...]